Ekeko is a god of good luck in Peru and the surrounding region. Photo by Marjorie Manicke.


Clifford Geertz
The definition of religion

William James
Science in many minds is genuinely taking the place of religion.

S. Glashow
Scientists have faith in the underlying simplicity of nature

Daniel H. Ullman
Erdo˝s was a priest of mathematics,
singularly devoted to this one passion.

Sarah Voss
Time after time, mathematical pursuits have intertwined with religious preoccupations.

J. D. Barrow
Mathematics is the only religion that can prove itself to be one.

Philip J. Davis & Reuben Hersh
“God is a Mathematician” is a view which lies behind a great deal of the recent mathematizations of a variety of disciplines.

Howard Gardner
Science itself is virtually a religion, a set of beliefs that scientists embrace with a zealot's conviction.

Helen M. Walker
De Moive connected his theory of probability with theology.

Muzaffar Iqbal
Is it safe to assume that bees were provided with information in their genetic code by their Creator?


The Tendency to Certainty in Religious Belief,
by Robert H. Thouless

Most people have a strong tendency to feel much much certain than the evidence warrants. This is particularly striking with respect to religious beliefs. (pdf)

On Learned Ignorance (excerpts),
by Nicholas of Cusa

In creating the world, God used arithmetic, geometry, and likewise astronomy. (We ourselves also use these arts when we investigate the comparative relationships of objects, of elements, and of motions.)

The Tradition of the Goddess Fortuna
by Howard Rollin Patch

The attitude of a period toward Fortuna reveals its attitude
toward the questions of fate and free-will.


God of Chance,
by David Bartholomew

Chance has to be seen as within the Providence of God. (Full text online)

The Tradition of the Goddess Fortuna
by Howard Rollin Patch

The Goddess of Fortune in Roman literature and the literature of
the transitional period. (Full text online)


Ode to Tyche
A celebration of the Greek goddess of Chance.


Mathematics and the Divine,
ed. Teun Koetsier and Luc Bergmans

A global view on the relation of mathematics and Man's quest for the Absolute in the course of history